The Guitar Project – A Summary

It feels a bit odd to title this post “a summary” of my guitar project because it is only a summary of what I have accomplished so far. This learning project has been an on-going process and one I intend to carry on with after this course. In the third week of my project, I began exploring the YouTube channel of Marty Music. In my post that week, I commented on some thoughts that stood out for me after watching his first beginner video:

He says that it is important not to give up until you get over the first hump of guitar playing which he quantifies as the first two months. In those first two months, he recommends giving yourself 5 minutes a day and not deciding that it’s too hard. He proposes that your 5 minutes of practice can often become 20 minutes or an hour if you have a breakthrough in your skills.

  • Week 3 of The Guitar Project

I am now at that two month mark. Marty was right. The first two months are tricky. There is a steep learning curve but practicing each day is important. On days I was really busy, I got in a 15-20 minute practice session but most days would start out with a plan for practice for about 30 minutes and often this 30 minutes turned into an hour and on several occasions, even longer.


I often keep in mind what my classmate Matteo said in one of his comments on a previous blog post. He said that guitar is easy to learn but difficult to become good at, difficult to perfect.

Luckily, I had several great resources to help me along the way. For my learning project, I used:

What Success REALLY Looks Like

With these resources, I have only explored the tip of the iceberg. I have worked through a lot of the beginner work and continue to classify myself as a beginner. There are several levels in all of these resources that I won’t make it to for many months. I still have a lot to learn which is a great feeling!

For this reason, I don’t have a final product to present, but rather this post and my final vlog are a continuation of the next steps in my journey.

Thanks for following along with my learning “passion” project this semester!

A Collection of Artifacts Related to my Learning Project:

*Note: Blog post links contain text updates and a weekly vlog. I have embedded the weekly vlogs here for ease of access. Some of the posts are text only.

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