EC&I 831 Summary of Learning

Summary of Learning for EC&I 831:

About this Course:

Overall, this course provided real examples of the topics we were learning about:

  • My professor demonstrated effective use of social media in a professional setting. 
  • The course offered a networked, participatory environment in which students encouraged one another and shared resources in a variety of online platforms. 
  • Our learning project, a “a passion-project”, allowed us to focus on the process of learning rather than simply what we were learning. 
  • The interconnected nature of the course encouraged creativity and critical thinking, and pushed students to move from knowledgable to knowledge-able as each we had to find, analyze, criticize and create new information to inform our posts
  • Our learning project and class assignments encouraged the use of OER and the Creative Commons which led us to be more inclined to share our work with others. 
  • And as nebulous as OE and connectivist practices can be, much of what we learned about this practice can be found in the way this course was taught (participatory tech, contextually-based, formal/informal learning, co-designing learning, collaboration, sharing, reflection). 
  • My professor demonstrated ways in which he participates in social justice actions using social media mainly using Twitter as a means to approach controversial topics. 
  • Our assessment asked us to reflect on our learning, connecting and collaborating in true OEP fashion. 
  • Finally, my opinion about face-to-face learning has changed a lot. Nearly all of the benefits of face-to-face learning can be achieved in the online learning space of #eci831. This is something I didn’t previously believe to be true. 

The Making Of My Summary of Learning

  • I learned some new tricks such as how to add multiple picture-in-picture frames to iMovie and how to move titles around in iMovie.
  • At first I attempted to make my Summary of Learning using WeVideo and this project exposed the limitations of both WeVideo and iMovie. Ultimately, I decided to go with iMovie because it allowed me to customize the speed of my video which was important for this particular project.
  • Here is my in-home set up for filming the video. I later added precautionary pillows on and around the table in case my precariously perched iPad took a tumble. Thankfully, it didn’t!
  • Of all of the Summary of Learning’s (ECI830, ECI832, ECI833) I have completed, this one took the most planning, preparation, execution time and editing time.

Course-Related Blog Posts

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Thank you to Dr. Couros and my amazing classmates for another great semester! One more class to go to complete my M.Ed.

6 thoughts on “EC&I 831 Summary of Learning

  1. You did an awesome job of your Summary of Learning, Brooke! Your drawing skills are impressive! I love all the bitmojis you used in your video. Very authentic and thorough. The sound quality is really great. What microphone do you use? Anyways, thanks for a great semester!

  2. That video was awesome … great whiteboard skills, but more importantly your summary was point on. Your blogs/work is always so well done … I appreciate the time, passion, and reflection you put into your work. I also appreciated the beer boxes as part of your computer stand (is there a pil in one of those for me haha). Thanks for being part of my PLN.

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