Week 7 – Learning Project

I stumbled across this video this week where a young man has documented his progress over one year of learning to play the guitar through online lessons. One thing I noticed is that it isn’t until 5 months of playing that he comments “this is the first I have ever played that really sounded like music to me” so that makes me hopeful! When I play, I feel like I am making music and although I am playing the chords to the songs, it doesn’t sound like the song itself yet as I am mostly playing the rhythm. So, maybe in 3 months time I will play something that sounds like music to me!

Here is my vlog update for Week 7: 

Successes & Challenges this week:

  • This week I decided to group the “successes” and “challenges” sections together (I typically keep them separate). I grouped them together because this week was an interesting one… So far I have been playing 6-8 chords that I have become fairly confident in over the past several weeks. The strings are ringing more clearly, I have less muted strings, I am finding the chords more quickly, transitioning from one chord to the next has been smoother and I feel as if I am developing some muscle memory for these chords. However, my guitar instructor gave me a list of 21 chords to practice which included all of the major, minor and seventh chords. Once this happened, I felt as if I was transported back to the first week of my learning project where I was spending most of my practice time finding the chords and finger placements. When I finally achieved this, I would often play a chord with muted strings which was my struggle in the earlier weeks.
  • The F major and minor chord has been particularly tricky but as I have learned in many of my online and in-person resources, it is an important and often used chord.
  • I have been practicing shifting between the major, minor and seventh chords and practicing how the hand shape and finger placements are similar or different to try and note patterns and begin to develop muscle memory for these newer chords.
  • I tried out a new strumming pattern this week.
  • I learned the 12 bar blues this week and practiced first using all major chords, then substituted in the A7 and G7 chord which were new to me.
  • Essentially, I grouped my successes and challenges together this week because the new skills I was working on were challenging but I was finding some success with them as the week went on.

As always, thanks for watching my vlog. Comments welcome.


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