Week 3 (Part 2) – Learning Project

If you read my previous post, then you’ve already heard about some of the new resources I explored for this week.

Success this week:

  • With the help of my Udemy lesson, I have improved somewhat on making my chords and chord switching due to improved hand/finger positioning. I am still not perfect but a lot better than week one.
  • I am becoming slightly faster at switching between chords.
  • Improving speed on “Stand by Me” and “Helpless“.
  • Did a bit of improvisation using Em/Asus2 chords thanks to my lesson from Marty Music.
  • Shortened my vlog update down to ~5 min.

Tech Successes this week:

  • My face-to-face instructor showed me how to adjust the tempo of a YouTube song so I can slow it down while learning it. If anyone is interested, I can make a short tutorial. He also has a neat program called the “Amazing Slower Downer” which allows for further customization of the tempo but this is a paid program so I just stuck with the YouTube option.

Challenges this week:

  • Still need to one perfecting my chords and becoming faster at finding and then switching between chords. This one is going to be an ongoing goal.
  • The previous goal will allow me to improve my tempo in the two songs I am working on.

Tech Challenges this week:

  • I wanted to add some creative image overlays to iMovie but the overlay option wouldn’t allow me to rotate my image or make my image the size I wanted. I’m wondering if there is another video editing program that allows for more creativity.
  • I’m learning two songs, but due to COPYRIGHT I am unable to play the backtrack for you in my iMovie which (is so lame!) is why you’ll hear me doing some humming in “Stand by Me” just so you can better hear how the song goes with me just playing the basic chords. I use the backtracks every time I practice so it is unfortunate that I can’t do the same on my vlog.

What’s next:


  • Keep working on the skills I am currently working on. There is lots that needs more work and perfecting.
  • I will continue to work on my Udemy course, Yousician lessons and Marty Music lessons in addition to my face-to-face lesson on the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Week 3 (Part 2) – Learning Project

  1. Hey Brooke! I used to teach guitar so if you need anything let me know!

    How are your fingers doing? Do they hurt yet from pressing down on the strings? Great job on your progress so far–I’ve been told guitar is the easiest instrument to learn but the hardest to play well! You are doing great! You will become quite the hit at parties if you continue with your progress! 😀


    1. Hi Matteo, definitely developing some callouses and after a long practice session they do feel pretty sore but I’m hoping more practice will help alleviate that issue. I can totally see how, as you mention, guitar is easy to learn but difficult to master. I have learned a lot so far but the trick is getting my fingers to go as quickly as my brain would like them to. However, each week I feel a little more confident. Thanks for offering your support. I will let you know if I need any help.

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