Yousician Seems Yousful for Beginners – Week 2 of Learning Project

I decided to take full advantage of my free trial with Yousician this week. I didn’t get a lot of feedback about Yousician on Twitter or my blog posts so I’m guessing that means that not a lot of people have given it a try which I understand because it’s a bit pricey.


I made a video to give you a preview of some of the features the app offers and how I have been using it so far.

This guy gives an informative, but also hilarious, review of the app. He is much more experienced than I am and has used a variety of other tools to compare with Yousician like Rocksmith and Guitar Tricks.

As a beginner, Yousician seems like it will be a useful tool. Because I wanted to take advantage of the free trial and get a feel for what the app is all about, I went heavy on Yousician as a learning tool this week. However, it is not the only tool I am using for my learning project. Stay tuned in the next couple of days to see the other resources I have been accumulating to improve my skills as a beginning guitarist.

2 thoughts on “Yousician Seems Yousful for Beginners – Week 2 of Learning Project

  1. Looking good! Thanks for the nice walkthrough of Yousician. Although I too don’t have much to add to your post, have you been also consulting a person who plays guitar or will you be sticking with online ressources for your learning project?

    1. I am taking face-to-face lessons and have quite a few online resources (thanks to some of our classmates) to use that will show up in my posts in the next couple of weeks!

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