Create, Edit, Present – an iMovie Review

For this week’s blog post assignment, I decided to explore iMovie. I decided to try out this tool because it is one that I have always wanted to be able to navigate well and additionally, I am hoping to use this is an video editing tool to document my learning project. I started out by watching this tutorial which I found to be very helpful as I am an  iMovie beginner.

Overview: iMovie is a video-editing tool for Apple users. You can choose pictures or video clips to create your movie and add titles, music and several audio and visual effects.

“iMovie is a video editing tool developed for iOS and macOS that can create a complete storytelling movie, with credit rolls and studio logos, using photos and videos. iMovie can be used by iOS and macOS users to make videos commemorating special memories, moments and sceneries and then share them with their family and friends, or even with a client. Users can also exercise their creative side by producing Hollywood-like trailers, either from scratch or by using the themes and templates available and then customize them to make their unique video. This video editing application is easy to use, supports 4k video resolution and the finished product can be played from any apple device and projected to a screen. It can also be shared to any video sharing platform or to the social media”.


Highlighted features:

  • Voice-over abilities.
  • Picture-in-picture feature (I’m going to try this out next week)
  • Ability to fix shaky video
  • Ability to crop photos and video
  • Ability to add filters, and adjust white balance and make colour adjustments to photos and video.
  • Green-screen capabilities using 3rd party apps such as Touchcast or Chatterbox.


  • It’s free!
  • You can work on the same project from a variety of different Apple devices.
  • There are many keyboard shortcuts to use (my fave!)
  • Once you figure it out, it’s really easy to use.
  • You can import projects from other iOS apps such as iTunes, Photos, Garageband, etc.
  • It is very easy to download and share your work to social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo or simply email your work to whomever you wish!
  • Students can work collaboratively on projects.


  • Although it is has capabilities on all Apple devices, it can become tiring to edit on iMovie using an iPhone or tablet. A device with a larger screen is much preferred.
  • The layout of iMovie isn’t initially very user-friendly. When I hovered my mouse over the different icons, it didn’t tell me what they were. The only way I found out was by watching Youtube tutorials and by trial-and-error.
  • Younger student would have difficulty using this tool. The review of iMovie by Common Sense Media indicates it is best suited for grades 5-12.
  • Unfortunately, my school division does not have Apple products and therefore students are unable to use iMovie. Instead, students in my division use WeVideo.

Things to be aware of:

  • If you try to use copyrighted music or images from the Internet you will be unable to upload your video to any public platforms and images will show up blurry. Therefore, it is best practice to always use original content or make sure you have permission via purchasing to use copyrighted content. YouTube’s audio library is one place to acquire royalty free audio to use on iMovie.

Personal Applications: 

  • Creating and sharing memories from any event!
  • I am thinking of using iMovie to create a video of my daughter’s first year in photos/videos.
  • Can also be used in entrepreneurial ventures.

Classroom Applications:

The list of classroom applications for iMovie is endless but I will highlight a few ideas. With each idea, there are many cross-curricular opportunities as well. For example, creating a how-to video could connect projects in writing, math, science, social studies, art and so on.

  • Creating a review of any kind. In my classroom, a favourite would be creating a book review.
  • Create a book trailer
  • Many opportunities for ELA representations…add audio/visual to reciting a poem, illustrate a story, record an interview.
  • Create any kind of presentation related to any subject area…a book report, a science report.
  • Creating a how-to video
  • Create a book summary
  • Digital storytelling opportunities
  • Create a summary of learning on a unit of study
  • Visual representation of nearly any classroom project
  • Self-reflection or process or learning videos
  • This interesting article gives some classroom applications of iMovie at every level of Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Opportunity for teachers to use in a flipped classroom scenario.
  • Opportunity for teachers to record lessons / instruction for the purpose of differentiation.

What are some ways that you have used iMovie?

6 thoughts on “Create, Edit, Present – an iMovie Review

  1. Great review! Very thorough and it makes me want to give iMovie another go. I’ve never heard of the picture-in-picture feature before, so I appreciated the link! I also didn’t know about YouTube’s audio library. So informative!

  2. I really liked your resource of incorporating iMovie into the educational context with Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind. I’ve found that I’ve been seeing the benefits of Bloom’s with a lot of the websites and applications that we’ve been exploring in this class.
    I’ve used iMovie quite a bit and can let you know first hand that you can spend a lot of (extra, wasted) time of the little extra touches like adding transitions, adding title slides, adjusting the length of each slide, fading music in and out between transitions, etc. It’s fun to use, but for someone like me that is a perfectionist and spends a lot of time on formatting, it’s easy to get lost in it and lose focus on the purpose as to why are you using it. Advice, be disciplined!

  3. Great review. The trailer template is pretty cool to use with still pics too. I’ve used with a green screen and made ancient civilization time travel agency videos. Thanks

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