Crunch Time – Making a Decision about my Learning Project

Thank you to everyone who commented on my first post about my Learning Project where I debated exploring photography or becoming a birth doula. However, even at the time of writing that first post, I was unsure about either project. Photography was something that I had done before and am always working at, and I was wanting to try something new. Becoming a birth doula is still something I am very interested in and I am taking the training at the end of November. However, because a majority of the work would take place near the end of the semester, again, I was unsure of how I would make this work for the class assignment. Many of you offered suggestions as it seemed several people were interested in following the birth doula route. None the less, I have made the decision to try something I have always wanted to learn…playing the guitar.

In order to accomplish my goals to becoming a beginning guitarist by the end of the semester, I will take the following steps.

  1. I have signed up for private lessons at Music in the House in Regina.

    Each week I will attend a 30-minute lesson with my instructor. Their website indicates that they provide “students songs in a wide range of musical style including pop, rock, country, blues,  bluegrass and folk. Students learn chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, improvising and basic theory to help understand how music works.”

    Each week I will practice for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

  2. I will use some of the free videos from Marty Music’s Youtube page to supplement my learning.
  3. I have two people in mind to be guest instructors during my learning project. More to come on this!
  4. I have subscribed to the free trial of Ultimate Guitar Tabs which is an app that people can create, share and learn guitar tabs to help me explore further.
  5. I am planning to test out Yousician using the free trial. This app is fairly expensive but if it is worth the money, I would be interested in investing. If you have tried out this app before or if you have a better app that you have used, please leave me a comment below.

I plan to document my learning using iMovie. I haven’t used iMovie before so this will also be a learning piece for me. I plan to write weekly updates on my blog and include the iMovie video I have created for that week to provide audio and visual elements to my project.

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