That’s a Wrap! – Summary of Learning W18

What a whirlwind of a semester! I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. On this page you will find my Summary of Learning for EC&I 832. Thank you to Alec and my fellow EC&I 832 classmates for helping me along this journey of digital citizenship and media literacy. I have learned so much and my pedagogical practices have changed for the better! Not only has my practice changed but I am also a more conscientious and informed digital citizen. I now have a stronger understanding of emerging literacies and contemporary issues as they relate to digital citizenship, media literacy, the fake news world and the variety of moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding these topics.

For my Summary of Learning I decided to try a new tool: Powtoon! I really enjoyed using this tool. It was very easy to create with and there are so many features I haven’t even explored yet. I am hoping I will get to try it out a bit more during the spring semester of EC&I 830. The only unfortunate thing about this tool is that the free version only allows for 5 minute clips which means that I had to break it into a part one and part two so please make sure to watch both!

Summary of Learning Part 1:

Summary of Learning cont’d (Part 2):

Thank you for watching!

I am happy that I can now say I am half way through completing my graduate degree!


One thought on “That’s a Wrap! – Summary of Learning W18

  1. This is awesome, Brooke! I really appreciate your insight and your connections back to course content in this adorable summary of learning. Congratulations on being half way finished your degree, you’ve got this!

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