Major Project Projections

Welcome back…to my second blog post! So far this course has been fairly out of my comfort zone in terms of a new level of engagement with social media. While I would say I am a social media user, I would describe myself more of a consumer of social media than a creator. If not for this class, I wouldn’t be posting on Twitter or writing blog posts but I do enjoy reading what others put out there. But I am here to learn more and putting myself out there will be part of this EC&I832 journey.

One thing I have noticed is the number of tabs I have open on my screen is a little overboard and for my neat, tidy, OCD self, sometimes the tabs are too much!

For the past week and a half I have been in a bit of a slump trying to decide what I want to do for my final project. After reading Brittany, Kyle and Nicole‘s posts this week, I finally decided to go with Option 2: Personal journey in to media.

There are three media spaces I plan to delve in to over the course of the semester.

First, I plan to look at the app Snapchat. I use Snapchat quite frequently (mostly to share pictures of my dog!). However, having teenage cousins, I know that this app is often used for bad and has become “synonymous with sexting“, bullying and the anxiety of Snapchat streaking. Since so many young people engage with this app there has to be a way to use it for good and I would like to explore if and how Snapchat can be used in a classroom setting for engaging educational purposes.

The second media space I would like to explore is Seesaw. Our school division supports the use of this app and many of my teacher friends are using it, but I know little about it. I have been thinking about giving it a try for awhile now and thanks to Nina, I finally signed up today. I am currently using Remind but am curious if Seesaw will work synonymous with Remind or perhaps replace what I am doing with Remind. Perhaps I will like Remind better? I hope to explore this further in my investigation.

The final media space I hope to explore is not an app in particular but an exploration of the use of memes in literacy instruction. At a conference last year I heard a bit about this but dismissed it as mostly a tool for older students. However, I would like to use memes with my younger students this term to see how it enhances literacy learning and engagement. In this third media space I am currently (maybe I will change my mind) not thinking about using an app such as MemeGenerator because it has too many inappropriate images that I do not want my students accessing. However, I plan to use images from the app or other internet sources in my planning for meme exploration in the classroom.

I plan to examine Snapchat & Seesaw over the course of the semester and then focus specifically on a literacy meme exploration in March while continuing to use the other two apps. Following this extended use of the three media spaces I will conduct my analysis from a personal and professional lens.



2 thoughts on “Major Project Projections

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  2. I have experienced Seesaw from a parent point of view as my daughter’s teachers both used it last year in Kindergarten and this year in Grade 1. I look forward to your findings if Seesaw would replace Remind as I use that as a communication tool with parents now but feel that it is missing the student portfolio piece that Seesaw could fulfill. Good luck!!

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